Vision & Mission


To become the premier integrated megamedia services company in Indonesia that provide services:

  • Content – Content for Internet, TV, media/newspaper
  • Channels – Produce “In-house channel”


  • To be the leader in its field
  • To emphasize on competence and professionalism
  • To focus on customer
  • To become prime employer of choice
  • To participate in corporate social responsibility activities

Corporate Values

  • Passion for work
  • Discipline in implementation
  • Quality in service
  • Innovation in development
  • Aggressive in market penetration
  • Care for community and environment

Business Strategies

  • Strengthen and enrich the digital ecosystem in Indonesia through creative media in line with the advancement of communication technology to bring quality original Indonesian content production.

  • Strive for continuous business efficiency to become a high-quality, cost-effective and competitive megamedia service provider.